Penne with Sorrel Hazelnut Pesto Cream Sauce

IMAG0141_1I love sorrel, and so few people seem to have any idea what it is, which is tragic, so I’m posting another recipe using it. The first thing to make is the pesto.

Pesto is a basic combination of a leafy green, an oil-rich nut, garlic, and oil. Traditionally this has most often been seen as basil/pine nuts/garlic/olive oil/parmesan, but you can use nearly any green from arugula to celery leaves to garlic scapes, and nearly any nut.  Continue reading Penne with Sorrel Hazelnut Pesto Cream Sauce

Sorrel Pineapple Smoothie

I love sorrel in smoothies. If you’re not familiar with sorrel, it’s a leafy green with a distinctly tart lemony flavor. Unlike many greens (ahem… kale…) that have flavors and textures that require many additional ingredients to make a tasty drink, sorrel shines with little encouragement and is wonderfully refreshing on a hot afternoon. (I may be sipping at one as I type.) You’ll also find that sorrel is very high in vitamins A and C, and is a good source of many B vitamins, potassium, and manganese. Please note that people who are prone to kidney stones need to be careful with sorrel as it does contain oxalic acid.



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Rodney’s Story – The NRCS Video

Blue Lizard Farm really began to be a serious idea in our minds when we first began working with the National Resource Conservation Service several years ago. At that time they were introducing a pilot program to help farmers investigate the potential of hoop house production. This is a cost-share program similar to the ones that help large-scale farms convert to more efficient irrigation equipment.

Recently the NRCS produced a video featuring Blue Lizard Farm.

Looks Like a Promising Honey Year


It’s been definitely up and down in the weather department the last year or so, but the rain we received in May has got the bees chomping at the bit. Rodney went out last week to check the yards and double supered the colonies so they will have plenty of room. Don’t want them feeling crowded, honey-bound, and swarmy.

Golden Hour

Golden hour on the farmThe late afternoon sun across the hoop houses after a long day. It’s important to stop and appreciate the beauty of even small or imperfect things. This picture didn’t capture the thousands of mosquitos that were sparkling in the sunlight, or the fact that it was still sticky hot out. It was a moment of perfection regardless of anything else.